Terms and Conditions of Holiday Accommodation at Wallis Lakehouse

Note: Variances can be agreed on but only by arrangement with the owner in writing.


Payment of up to a 50% deposit is required to secure the booking (except in such cases where the booking is to take place within 28 days, in which case the full booking fee is payable). Payment of the rental deposit and/or balance amount constitutes the clients acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Given the current ongoing and uncertain situation with COVID-19, we have adopted an extremely flexible cancellation and date change policy through 2020 and beyond as follows; If at any point in the 28 days leading up to your scheduled check-in date, there are still any Federal or State restrictions in place relating to border closures, gatherings of 20+ people, recreational travel etc that would likely impact on the guest safety, legality or feasibility of your booking, then we will provide either a penalty-free cancellation and full refund on all booking fees paid, or if you choose, offer to move your dates to a suitable time in the future.

Balance of the rental amount must be received in full 28 days prior to occupancy. If not, and in the case that the client demonstrates they are unable and/or unwilling to make the balance payment as agreed, the owner has the right to cancel the booking and attempt to re let it.


Cancellation (if caused by the client) results in money already paid being not refundable unless the house is re-let for the entire period at the same rate or higher. If a refund is made due to the property being re-let then a $50 cancellation fee will apply on top of any loss in projected booking costs.

As a result of recurring problems caused with Bucks Party bookings, from March 2018 we no longer accept any new bookings for these events. If it is brought to our attention that a booking is one of a Buck’s party nature (they all leave telltale signs, so please don't think it will go unnoticed), then we reserve the right to cancel the booking immediately and the full amount of the accommodation will be withheld. We will evict all persons from the property immediately, and in addition will be entitled to claim the full bond where any cleaning is required or damage results to the premises.

​Owing to a combination of insurance requirements and standard safety procedures, we require a guest list of all attendees at least 21 days prior to check-in, with information including but not limited to guest names and year of birth.

Professionally laundered linen, pillows, doonas and bath towels are supplied and made up on beds in sufficient quantities to accommodate the agreed number of guests (up to the 18 that are able to be accommodated within the house). Guests in addition to this that have been approved to camp must bring their own camping gear and set up in an area that will not cause damage.


The owners will make every effort to ensure the property is available as booked. However the owners reserve the right to make alterations to bookings due to unforeseen circumstances.

On rare occasion, the property may need to be accessed by the Site Manager for general or specific maintenance issues. In such events, guests will be informed in advance so as not to be disturbed, and a mutually suitable time agreed upon.

There may be a security camera/s set up at the front and rear of the property (but not in or around the house) and serves as a security measure for the benefit of our guests to prevent unauthorised access to the property. They will be clearly signposted, and more information is available upon request.

Refundable Security Bond

To maintain a good standard for our guests we require certain conditions to be complied with. We appreciate most will respect our property but to ensure full clarity we state the following conditions;


For direct bookings through our website, bond is payable at least 7 days prior to check-in, easily and securely through PayPal using any major credit or debit card. The bond will be fully refunded in full within 4 business days subject to these conditions being met. Bookings through other platforms such as HomeAway and AirBnB have their own specific security bond stipulations as outlined.


It is designed to cover any additional costs incurred including but not limited to, any breakage, damage, missing items or excess cleaning requirements, and extra guests beyond those agreed upon.


In the very rare case of a breach of conditions, costs will be determined at the discretion of the Property Manager, and will be a fair and accurate reflection on the actual losses that the property has incurred from repair, replacement and cleaning and also from any downtime and loss of income the property suffers as a result of this. Should the bond amount not be sufficient to cover such costs, then the Property Owner will follow this matter up with the guests, and/or with relevant authorities if required.


The number of guests at the property at any one time must not exceed the number stated and agreed to at the time of booking, or subsequently amended in email between owner and guest. Depending on the circumstances and severity, breaches to this will result in anything from a penalty fee of $50 per unauthorised guest per night of the booking to be deducted from the security deposit, through to immediate cancellation of the booking in more extreme cases. We charge very reasonable extra guest costs and also make it easy to add additional guests at the last minute (including offering the ability to camp to extend capacity), so there is no excuse for violations to this. Further, unauthorised guests not included on the guest list you are required to fill in prior to check-in are not covered under our insurance.

The price charged is for domestic use only and not commercial (unless otherwise stated in writing and accounted for in booking fees). Accordingly, the normal rate does not allow for the extra costs associated with functions in terms of additional utilities, cleaning, garbage removal, wear and tear, repairs etc. Use contrary to this may result in loss of your bond and/or additional payments.


Damage, breakages, theft and loss are the tenant’s responsibility during their stay. Disturbance to our neighbours (though most unlikely given the location of the house and the secluded nature of the property) through ‘excessive’ noise is not permitted and in extreme circumstances may result in termination of rental and loss of bond.




Upon departure, the house and property should be left in a reasonable state in relation to to its condition on arrival – not necessarily sparkling from floor to ceiling, but with furniture and items returned to their place, rubbish placed outside in bins provided and a reasonable general clean conducted (don’t worry, all linen and towels are professionally laundered by our cleaning team). This assistance from guests provides us the ability to keep pricing down as we welcome in our next guests in short order, and also to ensure time for vital maintenance tasks across the vast property to be carried out between bookings.


Standard check-out is by 10:00am at the latest, unless arrangements have been made with the Property Manager in writing prior to check-in. Guests are encouraged to consider enquiring about a late checkout option (when available) to allow a more relaxed check-out time-frame. Please ensure enough time is allocated prior to check-out time to complete the items on the ‘Check-out Checklist’ located on the front door.




Due to the surrounding National Park and their ability to circumvent barriers preventing access to the house, cats are strictly forbidden from staying at Wallis Lakehouse, as are all other pets/animals other than dogs.

Pet dogs are allowed only when specific arrangements have been made in writing with the owner and are come with a very reasonable $20 per dog/per stay fee. In such cases, dog owners must have complied with onsite signage to not allow their dog entry to the main part of the house as this can cause severe discomfort for future guests that suffer allergies (a barrier is provided). Guests are also required to have adequately cleaned up after any mess/droppings their dog makes in their designated area or on the property. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in an minimum $50 cleaning fee which is taken from the bond.


Standard requirements of all guests staying at Wallis Lakehouse


To help ensure a full and speedy refund of security deposit after check-out, all guests staying at Wallis Lakehouse should be made aware of their responsibilities;


  • Please show respect for the house, property and surrounding environment at all times, and keep a lookout to ensure that your fellow guests do likewise.

  • All vehicles must keep to the designated driveway, and NEVER drive on any grassed areas (which are surprisingly expensive to repair).

  • While glass is not forbidden, it is strongly recommended alternatives (plastic, cardboard  and aluminum cans) are considered as they are more compact, permitted in pool area, easier for guests to dispose of and also drastically reduce the chance of damage to the house and injury to guests.

  • As outlined above, due to repeat problems, we stopped accepting Bucks party bookings from March 2018 and have clearly communicated this in our terms and conditions. If you made a booking before this date, we will honour your booking but you are still expected to 100% abide by these conditions, and if you booked after this date, please be aware you are in breach of our conditions and we will not hesitate to withhold your entire security deposit amount should we discover any indication of this kind of event during your stay or after you check-out.  

  • Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the house or within 10 meters of the main building, as well near bushland during fire season. All smoking materials, including but not limited to butts, used matches, lighters, packets etc to be disposed of in household waste or removed from the property upon checkout.

  • Fires around the house or on the land are ONLY permitted in the designated fire pit near the rural shed, and must comply with current fire regulations as stipulated by the NSW Rural Fire Service. Guests who wish to use this facility are required to BYO firewood and ensure the area is left clean and clear after use.

  • Weapons (including but not limited to any kind of gun, air rifles, crossbows, slingshots and similar such devices) and fireworks or explosives are STRICTLY prohibited from even being on the property. Evidence of use will result in immediate termination of booking and may also require notification to the authorities including local police.

  • Upon checkout, it is required that the house is left in a reasonable state, so please allocate adequate time before checkout to follow through on the checklist supplied on the front door. It’s much quicker and easier if all guests pitch in to help!

  • Before leaving, ensure all rubbish is placed in the designated bins outside the garage (additional rubbish disposal available for a small fee), or is taken with you and disposed of responsibly.

  • If anything major or minor goes wrong, breaks, goes missing during your stay, please inform our Site Manager (his details are provided to guest making the booking) immediately so he can attend either as soon as is required or upon post-checkout with adequate tools and materials.



The owners take all precautions to protect tenant’s personal property, but do not take ultimate responsibility.