Planning your special day, family reunion or special birthday?


Wallis Lakehouse is a wonderful venue for a wedding or function, providing complete privacy and seclusion on 11 hectares of land with lake frontage, and a house and entertaining area well-equipped to handle large groups before, during and after the ceremony and reception.

Frequently asked questions

How many people can attend an event at Wallis Lakehouse?

This is largely dependent on the nature of the event to be hosted, and the features you are considering including. For example, for events with more than 30 people, we recommend guests organise a marquee as a great all-weather option, and there are a number of scenic locations on the property that are flat and suitable for this. It is also required that professional catering and portable toilets are booked for events with 50 or more people, and we can provide recommendations of local companies to work with you on this. We require a range of guest numbers at the time of enquiry, and final numbers not until 28 days before your booking.

How many people can stay?

While the house can sleep 18 people, we do permit camping around the property, as this can serve as a much simpler and safer option for guests after an event. Final guest numbers for those staying at the property can be increased or decreased by you up until a month before check-in.

Is there alternate accommodation in the area for additional guests?

There are numerous places for extra guests to stay in the area, both within the immediate vicinity and also at the beach suburbs of Pacific Palms. We recommend a very convenient option located right next door to us - Blueys Beach Lake House, capable of accommodating up to 11 guests.

How much will it cost?

We charge the rate to book the accomodation, a small wedding fee for use of the property to put up marquees etc, plus a flat day guest fee per person attending a hosted event (excluding those already staying, who are not charged this fee) plus any amenity hire options as above.

Do you have any recommendations for local companies to assist with the event?

Pacific Palms is a popular destination for weddings and events, and as such has a high quality selection of providers that can ensure your day has everything it needs to be a great success. Read more about them here.

How many nights should I book the property when hosting an event?

We strongly recommend a 4 night booking to allow adequate time to set up, make last minute adjustments, enjoy the day itself, and then pack up afterwards, all in a relaxed and stress free timeframe. So for example, check in Thursday afternoon and finetune planning, Friday set up all day and relax in the evening, event right though Saturday, casual BBQ lunch and pack away event materials Sunday, and checkout Monday morning.

What event amenities are available onsite?

We offer usage of a luxury 6-seater Golf Cart to transport guests and the wedding party around the property, and this is operated by our Site Manager (pricing available on enquiry). We can also run power to your marquee setup for no additional charge.