Welcome AirBnb guest!

We would like to welcome our guests who have booked via AirBnB with the following information, some of which isn't able to be shared through their email system, so please take the time to get up to speed before you start packing for your trip!

Firstly, our terms and conditions of stay are also worth ensuring you are in full understanding of, are a pretty quick read, and are located here

As per our terms and conditions, it is a requirement of booking that you submit some basic details about your fellow guests. This is easily able to be entered via a form available here, and is due at least 7 days prior to check-in. In the unlikely event of any injury or incident during your stay, our insurance covers us only for guests/visitors that have been listed here so please ensure you haven't missed anyone! Further, it communicates to our cleaning team which beds you require to be made up.

Also of very high importance, given the weather conditions affecting the entire country, we include a Bushfire Notification that we ask all guests to read and familiarise themselves with prior to staying at any time during the year. Wallis Lakehouse is located in a bushland setting, and while thankfully we have not had any direct threats from bushfire in our immediate area, it still pays to always be prepared



You can check in anytime after your designated check-in time; if you find you are on track to arrive earlier than this, it's recommended you check out some of the local attractions such as Blueys Beach and grab a coffee and bite to eat at the shops. If you do arrive at the property early, please do not drive up to the house until your check in time as Kevin (our friendly Site Manager) will probably be in the middle of preparing the house and property for you with our cleaning team. Instead, you are invited to follow the driveway AROUND the hill, past the shed and all the way to the waterfront to spend some relaxation time here.


You then have the property all to yourself until your scheduled check out time, and it's asked that you please ensure you have fully vacated the house by this time at the latest as the property will need to be made ready for the next guests.


Directions on how to get to Wallis Lakehouse can be found by entering "458 Coomba Road, Whoota, NSW, 2428" into your GPS.


Our Site Manager Kevin will give you a pre-check in call on the number you have provided. If this is a landline, he will call the evening before your check-in, and for mobiles he will likely call the morning you are due in. He may be available to greet you onsite and show you through the property, but if not, he will provide instructions on how to gain access to the house via a keybox located near the front door. Please also be sure to mention if you would like access to the kayaks and rowboats, and he will talk you through it.

If you need to contact our Site Manager Kevin about any issues while on site, his number is 0407 034 091.  


What to bring, What to Do and Where to Sleep; All this information can be found on our resources page


Have a fantastic stay at Wallis Lakehouse!


Kind regards



Owner - Wallis Lakehouse, Pacific Palms